About us

Easy Room Milano Srl is a new established company whose owners have been in the  real estate business  for  over 20 years.


Born in 1965, is the owner of the real estate company:  “Nonsolocasa”. Established in 1992, in Via Felice Casati, 21, Milan and is known to be a leader in real estate for rental in Milan, which has more than 6,000 leased properties and over 600 real estate offers   currently on the market.
A resourceful man who keeps up with the times and is constantly in search of incentives to further develop his entrepreneurship. He is also the founder of a chain of male hairdressers in Milan, “L'ITALIANO”, an Italian low cost chain which will probably be extended to a franchising network.


Born in 1963, is an apartment block administrator and real estate manager. Among his clients he has more than 600 real estates. He is very meticulous and has a very organized team, “Studio Pietrasanta Sas”, Via Domenichino 5 , in Mombretto di Mediglia.


Born in 1966 has a multi-year experience in the real estate business, he is Raffaello Cirrito's right- hand man  and is renowned for his creativity and innovation.
He is the manager of EASY Room Milano Srl.




Easy Room Milano Srl @ 2014
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Sede legale: Via Lazzaretto, 19 - 20124 Milano
Sede operativa: Via F. Casati, 21 - 20124 Milano
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